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Sometimes the best shots are the candid shots. My 'Family Time' session is a great way to capture life as it happens. No prompts, no poses, purely documentary. 

Why would you want this approach? Because it's real. It brings out your child in these images rather than a forced smile and it brings out connection. One thing I'm passionate about is encouraging mom to get in the frame because those images are so important to capture! Often times us moms are behind the camera. Looking back at our previous trip, I forgot to hand the camera over to the husband so every image of myself is a selfie with anyone else. It's better than nothing but compared to the images taken of him with the kids...well...it looks like it was only the three of them on the trip because my selfies didn't happen nearly as often as the good images. These sessions give mom the opportunity to not have that regret and to have a gift to hand over to her child when they're older. One day images are all they'll have left, let's make those images fond memories.

Ideas to inspire off of: Pecks for your Halloween pumpkin, carving your pumpkins, the zoo, your backyard with a bubble machine or a water gun fight, the pool, the park, their birthday party, or even just tummy time on the living room floor or getting messy while eating baby food, baking cookies and playing board games. Still not sure? Think, what does your family like to do.



Includes a 2 hour session of photojournalism of you and your family. Multiple time frames are available also to make it a full "Day in the Life" session.

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