I'm Tonya, owner and photographer at Tonya Marie Photography in Mineral Point, WI. I've always loved taking photos but didn't get serious about it until I began the Enthusiast Course at 'Click Love Grow.' After finishing, I joined their Advanced Course and in August of 2017 I began this business. I specialize in Family Lifestyle Sessions but also offer services in Couples, Weddings, Children, Day in the Life, Birth, and Fresh 48.

Besides photography, I love psychology and am currently working on my bachelor degree in 'Science in Psychology.' Often, my free time is spent supervising shifts for an online suicide hotline where I have been since 2017 as well. My "day job" is a 'Behavioral Health Technician' in early intervention for children with Autism.

I'm also a wife and mom of two girls who are growing WAAAAAAAAAAY too fast. Part of my "WHY" in photography is to document our lives together before they're even older yet. I love being able to offer the same services to other families as well.

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