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As someone who is always behind the camera, I can appreciate the awkwardness and fear of being in front of the camera. It's a whole new world! My goal is to make you as comfortable as possible using a lifestyle approach with a touch of emotive. This approach helps to melt the stress away because honestly, you can't do anything wrong.

Bring me the kids! I'll take the shy kids, the energetic kids, the snuggly kids, and the kids who hate the camera. I really love children and interacting with them, that's what helps to open them up a bit, they can sense it. I don't have the kids stand and smile much at all, we will do that one because let's face it...grandma needs it. After grandma's shot we get to play, joke, have fascinating chats about puppy dogs, or spin in circles. If that doesn't work and they still hate my guts, well...I can stand back to give them space to have you interact with them and document that. We got this!

Tonya is amazing! she was incredibly easy to work with and managed to get the kids to smile through the entire shoot.

-Mallory M.


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