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Why you NEED a Day in the Life Photography Session

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

What if you could have a photographer follow you around the entire day? What would be captured? A Day in the Life session is something to be cherished for all of your years as well as your children's', we can document your family as it is and in the now. There is such beauty in the every day and this is one session that you would not regret because when you look back on this stage of life in 30 years, I want you to see exactly what your life was like.

A Day in the Life session is one of the easiest sessions you could possibly do. There's little to no prep because this is purely documentary. So if your kid is normally running around in their underwear or mismatched clothes, let's capture that. If your house isn't spotless, doesn't matter. I begin when you want me to, I can be there before you wake the kids so the fun can start right away or I can come later. It's totally up to you!

Typically, a Day in the Life session will be just your immediate family. We can play at home, at the park, go to the store, or go for a car ride...whatever your family might do on a typical day. You'd be surprised what can be captured in such a simple setting. My favorite images I capture are done so in a documentary setting.

A Day in the Life session is completely unposed, the moments are 100% real and authentic. This is the perfect way to go because it puts everyone more at ease and gives me the chance to be more playful with the kids with no expectations.

Your images will be edited simply since these are everyday images. My regular editing style comes into play a bit minus the darker tones. I'll place the same love and care into your every day images as I do in my own so they'll look wonderfully displayed in a photobook or as a collage wall.

While I spend most of my time with the kids, I'll focus on you as well. One of my favorite things about these session types is showing you just how much you matter to your family. These moments are often lost in the everyday chaos and it's nice to have the reminder that we're loved and appreciated. As a mom, I know how we need that reminder sometimes.

A Day in the Life session is one of the easiest and most meaningful ways to pass memories down to your kids. To share with future generations what life was like for your family. For you to look back and remember a time when your babies still had tiny fingers and toes or when your teenagers had the eye-roll mastered.

I offer Day in the Life sessions in 4, 6, 8, and 10 hours of continuous shooting. Contact me about documenting your family. I promise you won't regret it.

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