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......Birth Stories......

Telling your story....

Birth photography is an experience unlike any other and while it may not be for everyone, for the right person it can be the most wonderful gift. Documenting your child's birth tells more than just your new baby's arrival; it tells the story of your family, your long road up to this point, and what it took to bring him/her into this world. Your birth story is purely documentary, no poses or prompts are attempted for obvious reasons. If you're worried about a photographer "being all up in there," I promise it's nothing like that. If you'd like the crowning and all that jazz then I'm happy to photograph it provided the opportunity arises. Otherwise, I can be behind you to present the birth in a more modest way as I capture it all from your perspective. We can chat when we meet about this, you're in control of how your birth story goes. 

During your birth story, you can expect me to arrive around 4 or 5cm. Your contractions, interactions and all around experience will be photographed as well as the pushing (or cesarean) and final emergence into this big world. I will also remain with you for up to two hours after the birth to document your first moments together. The amount of time will depend on the situation and how you're all feeling after the birth as well as how fatigued I am personally. All graphic images will also be edited black and white for both photojournalistic appearance as well as making it a little less graphic. No flash will be used as it may present as a distraction and throw off the birthing mother's hormones. But no worries, I am the queen of low light photography and depending on where we are, we can light candles for something a little extra.

Bringing my own two children into this world has taught me that the water breaking can and will happen at any time. So whether this happens at 2am, 6pm or 11pm, I will be there. Maybe in my pajamas, but I'll be there. My batteries are always charged and ready to go, as well as my own grab bag for my camera and other necessities. I also avoid booking multiple births within a month of each other, this is to avoid any clients from going in at the same time.

I do ask a few things of my clients and that is to...

*ask your doctor for permission for me to be there, this can be done during one of your checkups.

*once it's go-time, contact me via phone call to inform me that you're in the hospital and that they're  keeping you there, I also need to know how far along you are. 

*inform the nurses that I'll be coming. This is a courtesy to them as well as quicker access to your room for me. 

"Tonya's photography is unlike any other. Instead of completely posed pictures throughout, she captures the moments and feelings that you share with those you love. Tonya is talented in the way her photos create a story. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but her photos leave you speechless. Her pictures are more than worth viewing, but be warned that once you view her photos there won't be another photographer that compares. We highly recommend Tonya for any photo opportunity, and will be asking her to take more photos to come!"

-Christopher & Samantha


$200 required at booking, to be applied to the total amount of $1000 (total amount due 2 months before your due date)

This Includes- 

*me being on call 24/7 

*continuous shooting through active labor, regardless of how long it takes, and up to 2 hours after birth to capture your first moments

*private online gallery of all final edited images

*all digital downloads 

*print release

*photobook of photographer's choice

*Returning clients receive a $200 discount*


Ready to book?

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