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2019 Halloween

Hey guys!

I'm in a Halloween mood and I realized that I never blogged about my session last year with my daughter and her friend. I honestly can't believe I didn't write about this sooner...

Tip: A slow shutter speed can be fun to experiment with.

I wanted that old time feel to it. I wanted the older and creepier old fashioned costumes from my grandparent's youths, if possible. I wanted a haunted feel. The image above, for example, I instructed them to be completely still except for their heads, which they were to move side to side while staring straight at the camera. The same for the below pictures, only they were to walk towards me. I wanted to portray ghosts walking along the prairie and I knew blurring them a bit would be perfect.

The below images were more tricky because the mask kept falling off, which made the girls giggle. The camera settings were easier though since I wasn't trying to be quite so artsy. The mask is simply burlap with a sharpie taken to it and sticks for the teeth.

The next section was just having them stare at me blankly. Creepy, right?! The antlers were thrown in for good measure. I photoshopped skulls over their faces in one image for something a little extra.

Next; throw in a book, change perspectives, and cookies as a thank you for putting up with me lol...oh, and a caterpillar friend!

I do have another session planned for this year, it's a different theme though so stay tuned for the 2020 Halloween fun because the 'Rona won't stop us from having some spooky fun!

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