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It's In The Details...

Updated: May 14, 2020

Telling a story goes beyond capturing what your face looks like, it brings out little details that may otherwise go missed. It also brings out moments we may notice that trigger a feeling that we can go back to when we see a photo of it. My kids, for example, have grown so quickly and before taking photography courses, I never thought about the details while they were little. So during a session or even just taking photos of kids of friends or family for fun, I try to sneak in some detail shots when I notice them. You can too, just get in nice and close, your future self will thank you.

Newborns- A tiny finger, just hours or days old and clutching mommy's finger. If you have children, can you remember this feeling? The baby is so small and delicate yet the grip can be so strong and when you feel the pressure surrounding your finger and you know that baby is healthy yet so dependent on you at the same time. This new life will forever change you.

Toddlers- Fast forward a few years and tiny hands are still little and still going strong. It's moments to remember and it still tugs at your heartstrings to see it out and about as it's owner wanders around curious about everything.

Kids- Wrinkly toes after a long day of swimming at the pool can help end your story. This is my own kid, after I've embraced the details. She's not as little as she used to be but she'll also never be this little again.

Valued Treasures- Another of my own kid with a find while on a walk that she thought to be pretty neat. Empty egg shells, rocks, or sea shells are also great to remember your day by.

...and we can't forget about lightning bugs...

...and campfire smores too. This list is endless.

Tweens and Teens- After marching in the Fourth of July parade is also a great time for a detail shot of what they were there for. What does your older child participate in that you could fill the frame with?

Parents and Grandparents- Their details in their hands are a great way to remember them by.

Pets too!

Events and Anniversaries- You could also remember an event, such as our 10th wedding anniversary flowers.

I can't be the only one obsessed with details! I hope you share some of your own.

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