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Our Universal Studios Highlights (and a HUGE tip for fellow introverts or those with social anxiety)

I totally keep forgetting to make a post on this, so here goes ;)

Doing a Disney or Universal trip has been on my radar for quite some time now, who doesn't want to take their kids to such a place? Only problem is social burnout is HORRIBLE for me. For those who aren't familiar with this...first of all; YOU LUCKY DUCKS and second, too many people being around will trigger the burnout which will cause many physical symptoms. Symptoms can include nausea or motion sickness, headaches, migraines, fatigue, loss of appetite, tinnitus...etc. For me personally, this can last well into the next day and in some circumstances it can become debilitating until it passes (people mixed with loud noises usually cause it to be so). And yes, this is a thing even if it sounds me.

I was so ecstatic to come across a chance to be in the parks after hours and with limited people! It costs a bit more but it's totally worth it to avoid the people and lines...not to mention, the Florida heat. So if that sounds better to you then I recommend checking out the 'Orlando Informer Meetup,' the next one is in February 2020. The Meetup included unlimited free food in the parks and wait times were practically non existent for rides. Almost all rides and restaurants were open for the event. We were able to enter the parks at 5pm and stay until midnight. If I had any doubts as to if I made the right choice in paying for this, those doubts were quickly gone as we walked through the labyrinth of tourists upon entering the park before the official closing time. You could not move without bumping into someone, it was agitating for me on an anxiety level. So as the daytime crowd left, things got SO much better! I mean, look at this empty street :D

Our favorite spot to hit was the 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter,' we loved it so much we hit it both nights we were there! My personal fave was Diagon Alley but Hogsmeade was a close second. The Hogwarts Express connects the two and is an amazing experience in itself. A favorite of my youngest daughter was picking out her wand and going around the park to cast spells.

We can't forget about outside King's Cross Station...beautifully decorated in holiday lights!

I didn't have many "must do's" on my list but Blue was definitely one of the few. We were told to ensure the smaller/weaker humans were between the adults and thus closer to Blue, she was quite hungry. Notice my death grip on my teen's arm? She wanted to do it but then again was freaked out so I made her do it to avoid regret...also I kinda wanted to see her reaction. Don't judge me LOL

I remember watching 'The Simpson's' as a kid, I've outgrown it a bit since then but it was a neat area of the park but the highlight here for my oldest kid here was the footlong hotdog...and yes, she ate the entire thing!

If we were to go back again, we'd definitely save a little longer to attend the Meetup again. I know some people embrace the crowds...but we are not among them. For us, Orlando Informer is the only way to enjoy Universal Studios.

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