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Session Peek: Backyard Bubble Session

Bubbles with kids are a given, it's like they're made for each other so I knew I wanted to do a bubble session with my own kid. Capturing the wonder and joy in her face as she observed these simple little things was more fun than anticipated. These types of sessions seem to be easier with less prompting and more standing back to watch it all unfold so there's less to worry about and more proud mommy moments. We decided on her most twirly dress which is actually from a company called 'Twirly Girl' for this shoot for some extra flare...little did I know she'd end up looking like a little runaway princess <3 The bubble machine was just a simple Wal-Mart one (with extra bubbles, of course) so you could try your own version of this shoot after your next trip to the store.

I would love to do more of these, especially with the wildflowers now in bloom. So until I get more takers on this type of session, I'll continue to annoy and torture my own children in a blur of never ending shutter speeds and focusing ;) All joking aside, these documentary shoots are what I love and strive for whether it's bubbles, following toddlers as they wander, playground fun, or Holi powder wars.

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