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Session Peek: Logan Family

You guys have seen this family via Facebook, Instagram, and my website, I'm loving how this session went! I had these guys last year also as my second client and they came back, so I must be doing something right. This mom and dad certainly have their hands full with this group but it's obvious they accomplish this feat as a team.

Having multiple kids can be nerve wracking in this field because...well, kids are kids and you won't always get cooperation. These guys are well practiced with mom being a photographer herself (no pressure there, right?!) and they were a dream to work with. The littlest miss being only one years old, she didn't get the memo on being camera aware. But look at how stinkin cute she is! Admittedly, this is one of my favorite ages to photograph.

When I began the session, I got the "cheese" photos done first, kids seem to cooperate less towards the end of the shoot if it's near bedtime. These photos usually end up on the wall and it's what mom and grandma are normally looking for in a photoshoot. They rocked them! Especially with the mosquitos coming out for a meal. Fun fact, the oldest daughter is an expert mosquito killer, she was my savior plenty of times as I concentrated on photographing her siblings.

To capture connection (and this family truly has an abundance of that <3) we played a bit more. Mom got to tell the kids what she's proud of them all for, Dad got to be goofy with them, they raced, and played a school yard game. They even saw a giant spider...which kids were fascinated by, me not so much.

It's so great to get photographs of your family, especially when you're included in the photos and not the one taking them. Am I right, moms out there? So with fall coming up, let's reserve your spot for gorgeous family photos for your walls, albums, photobooks, and gifts for the upcoming season.

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