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The Accidental Mini Session

Those who know me are well familiar with my travelling obsession. In 2018, my oldest daughter and I went to Chicago for the Ace Comic Con (hence the TARDIS dress) and completely missed the bus back to Madison. We had a couple of hours to kill before the next one...maybe a little less if we wanted to ensure our seats by arriving early so we decided to wander around with our bags in just the immediate area. She began to notice the amount of pigeons eating crumbs from the ground and insisted that she feed them the crackers I had packed as a snack for the ride back home. "I'd rather them eat than me" she insisted so I used the opportunity to snap a few photos of a moment that isn't typical for us in our small town with skittish birds. Naturally, this was the highlight of her time spent in Chicago...never mind meeting Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Chris Evans, and Tom Hiddleston.

Pigeons win...every time.

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