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What is a Fresh 48 session?

Another of my favorite things to photograph doesn't seem to be well known locally so I thought I'd dedicate a blog post to Fresh 48 sessions. This type of session is special in a way of it being the first real opportunity to document your time spent together as a family, a whole family with your newest addition. This is a time that cannot be replaced or replicated because it is taken within the first 48 hours of their tiny, wrinkly, sleepy, adorable life. These sessions are intimate, usually taken in the hospital room but sometimes in the home. No aunts, uncles, cousin, friends...just mom, dad, siblings, baby (and maybe grandparents). I may give some instruction if we're crunched for time or if there's something specific wanted or needed but otherwise, it's just me standing back and documenting your interactions and love for one another. They change so rapidly in those first few weeks of life and to have it documented is a gift unlike any other.

I had never met this family before I walked into the room, which honestly always makes me nervous and I'm sure it made them nervous too. I loved how easy going they were though and how quickly they warmed up to my presence. This was an even more special time because this is the first time the girls were able to meet their baby brother. Much of my time was spent with mom as we waited for their arrival after a long day at school. They were filled with so much love as was reflected in their huge, shy smiles (and sometimes strange looks at the weird lady with the camera). I'm so lucky to be welcomed to share this beautiful moment with such an amazing family.

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