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What to Expect during a Lifestyle Family Shoot

Growing up, family pictures for me meant going to Sears and sitting in a studio in those now hilarious outfits which were popular in the day. Everyone stood still all stiff and smiled for the camera, then they'd pull down a new background and pose slightly different for the next couple shots. There's nothing wrong with going to a studio and repeating this process but when starting photography, I knew it wasn't what I wanted for my personal style. I wanted to capture more, I wanted connection and I wanted images that made someone smile when they pulled it out years later and still love it. Clothes and hair will change in the future and I'm sure we'll find them hilarious too but I want to be able to see past that because that genuine smile or laugh radiates and takes over the image. Lifestyle photography is gaining popularity and when I discovered it, I knew I wanted it for my clients as well as my own family so I wanted to let people in on what to expect during a photography shoot with me.

Mom or grandma usually do enjoy the "cheese" portrait so yes, we do get that one taken care of first. Next we'll play games with the kids or be silly (I'm not above fart jokes) anything to try to get them to laugh at me. Maybe mommy has a secret? Maybe dad can do a sneak attack? I try to make each shoot a little different and I promise this style isn't hard. If you're unsure of what I mean, you can ask or just go with what you think it means because it's not about what you're's about the reaction. You seriously can't mess this up! We may do the shoot outside or in the more intimate location of your home, whatever is right for your family.

If this style of photography appeals to you, contact me and we'll schedule your own session with you and your littles <3

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