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Who Am I?

"Who is this crazy lady and why should I trust her to take photos of my family?"

Okay, so that's not a real quote (that I'm aware of) but hey it is a fair question, right? You see that this person is offering a service but you know nothing about them. Well, it's your lucky day because my first blog post is all about yours truly ;)

Taken in 2017

I am a mother to two young girls (currently aged 12 and 8), and a wife to one man (who could handle more than one man-child anyway?). We have an insane dog and a cat who comes around when he feels like it and together we all live in Mineral Point, WI. Currently, I do all the main stuff at home with the exception of my client shoots.

Photo courtesy of Twig & Olive Photography

Besides the technicalities, I am an advocate for mental health as one of the many supervisors for an online crisis center which takes chats and phone calls for those with suicidal thoughts and plans. I began as a certified crisis responder in February of 2017. Speaking of the field of mental health and psychology, as of right now I am taking classes online through Southern New Hampshire University to earn my bachelor degree for Science of Psychology. I still have a LONG ways to go but I'm working towards/hoping for the best as I inwardly dread that it's all for naught.

Our family dog, Zeus.

Besides all of that, I am addicted to photography (obviously). This began as a hobby and a way for me to have my own thing as well as a way to work through a difficult time. I enrolled in the Enthusiast Course through Click Love Grow then proceeded right away to the Advanced Course. I had no thoughts of actually trying to run a business at that time but became friends with some wonderful fellow CLGers and well, you are who you surround yourself with, right? <3 I was terrified to say the least, it's really hard for anyone to put themselves out there (especially an introvert with iffy self esteem and anxiety) but I decided to jump first/think later. I expected maybe one or two clients before I gave up from lack of business but my first year I had booked one kids session, one homecoming, seven family sessions, two couple sessions, one Fresh48, one local business, one second shooter for a wedding, and two contracted weddings that are upcoming (as the main photographer). My favorite thing to capture are babies and toddlers documentary style, little nephews have been wonderful for this!

Photo courtesy of Kristen Marie Photography

Another obsession I have is travel, despite planes being scary as heck. Wanderlust is something I get quite often and so far my family have all been to Corpus Christi, TX; Orlando and Port Canaveral, FL; Nassau, Bahamas; Minneapolis, MN; the U.P.; Chicago, IL; Niagara Falls, ON; Alexandria Bay, NY; Toronto, ON; and Hamilton, ON. The girls and I have also visited my husband while he was away for work in both Rantoul, IL and Columbus, IN. Our upcoming family summer trip will be a cruise from Newark, NJ to Nova Scotia. Seriously, if money wasn't an obstacle you'd probably never see me in person because I'd be forever travelling.

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada- Toronto

I think I'll wrap it up here. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading more about me than you truly needed to know :P and for putting up with my old emoticons. Be on the lookout for my next blog post!

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