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Why hire a professional documentary photographer?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

So I have been asked why would anyone want to pay for images that is part of the everyday. It's a fair question, everyone has a cell phone which takes photos and heck, you might actually enjoy taking photos of your kids. I always enjoyed it personally and I was happy with those images until I started learning more about photography. How I document my kids now is totally different from how I used to and those older images are ones that I continue to love despite their imperfections. But when I look back, I do wish I had learned photography earlier. Now that I have these skill sets, I enjoy capturing moments for others and I know they'll value those images for years to come.

So what are those skill sets? as a documentary photographer, I know how to handle my camera in multiple situations to get the desired effect. Sun flares, silhouettes, low light situations, bright sunlight reflecting off of snow, etc. I also know how to get a reaction from kids without posing them or even them realizing what I'm doing, though this leans more lifestyle approach I do tend to do things that get a laugh once in a while through play. It is important the kids somewhat like and trust me if I'm going to follow them with a camera. Basic camera rules are another reason why you might want to hire a professional; such as composition, shutter speed, ISO, and depth of field; as well as the knowledge of when and how to break those rules. Personally, I learned these skills and more through two different online courses by 'Click Love Grow' and I highly recommend them if you're looking to expand your horizon. I also have continued education through various groups of men and mostly women who inspire one another to grow. Because of these continued education groups, I was able to develop my current style and I'm sure it'll change even more as I continue to learn. Always learn more :)

As an example of capturing memories, I decided to include images from years before I developed these skills as well as recent shots. My hope is that you can see the value of hiring a professional. For the sake of the same location and activity, I decided to use images from Peck's Market in Spring Green, WI.

Here's from 2012 with my old "point and shoot" camera. Cute and gets the job done-

...and from 2018-

I offer sessions like this beginning at 2 hours, I call this "Family Time" sessions and I'd love to talk to you about capturing your next family outing (wherever that may be).

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