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2020 Halloween Session

Hey, amazing humans!

If you hadn't noticed already, Halloween is THE favorite holiday in our family. I love having my photography reflect that! If you hadn't checked out my session from last year, click here to take a peek. While last year was all about haunted fields and old timey costumes, this year my goal was to be a bit more cute. I had good intentions, you can't blame me if it turned a little dark...okay, you can blame me. I'm just lucky my kids have the same humor as I do.

So, the plan was to do a classic ghost with sheets. We cut the holes for the eyes, bought some props, and gathered it all together along with some things we already had.

The girls also wanted to be "fancy ladies." They chose their own outfits, my only stipulation was it had to be dark clothing.

But being "fancy ladies" isn't we turned them into lady serial-killers.

And we can't let that sunset go to waste!

Happy Haunting this year!

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